Match Report: Wigan 60 Wakefield 12
Posted by Bilko on August 08 2016 - 13:33
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Extended News

Wigan Warriors v Wakefield Wildcats - First Utility Super League - Super 8s Round 1
Friday 5th August 2016. Kick Off 8:00pm at DW Stadium.

Match Report

Attack! Attack! It’s been the gripe most of the season but at least here we laid a platform going forward that we can hopefully build upon.

A constant question since Friday, by those who weren’t at the game, has been “was that result more about Wigan or Wakefield?”

It was a bit of both to be fair, Wakefield were way off it, but Wigan still had to cash in on that and more important for me was that they did it over the 80 minutes. We still lacked flow going out wide, to the centre positions in particular, but overall this was a job well done by Wigan. I certainly wouldn't get carried with this but it hopefully is something we can build on.

It was only four weeks earlier that Wakefield had seen victory at the DW snatched from them in the dying seconds but it was pretty obvious from the start that they were not really up for this one.

Three tries in the opening 15 minutes, scored by George Williams, Sam Powell and Josh Charnley, had Wigan 16-0 and that set the tone for what was to come.

When Sam Tomkins made it 22-0 with a score in the 27th Minute I was already reflecting on the irony that it was 22-0 at half time when Wakefield cashed in to be an ill stricken Wigan side back in April but the Wildcats managed to avoid the nil by scoring on what would prove to be their only attack of the game with Joe Arundel crossing for 22-6.

You felt Wigan's dominance was not quite reflected with that scoreline but two tries late in the half, one to John Bateman and the other to Oliver Gildart, made it 30-6 at the break.

Late in the half Matty Smith had got the flick off goal kicking after one bad flapper from the touchline but like at Dewsbury, removing Smith off kicking saw tries begin to be scored up the middle instead. Maybe we should just do that from the beginning? Youngster Jake Shorrocks took over after the interval.

Second half saw Wakefield open up with clean breaks becoming huge for Wigan and their dominance seeing scored up the middle.

It took a while but a 100 metre return by Dom Manfredi made it 36-6 and when George Williams went over two minutes after it was now 42-6 by the 55th Minute.

Then a big break from Bateman, who was back to his immense best in this one, was finished by Dan Sarginson for 48-6 by the hour. Sam Tomkins then scored his second for 54-4 before being taken off the field as a tactical switch with Shorrocks going from hooker to full back as Sam Powell came back on.

Wakefield managed a second try with a gift intercept being thrown poorly by Sarginson to send Craig Hall under the posts but Matty Smith crossed eight minutes from time for his first try in 15 matches.  Wigan couldn't quite top Wakefield's 62 points from April but at 60-12 it was a job well done, considering fixtures are supposed to become harder in the "Super 8s".

Wigan did leave points out on the park though, in particular Shorrocks bombing a huge bust by him up the middle in the first half by not slipping a simple pass to send Williams under the sticks. You benefit the doubt on that one with his inexperience but your also thankful that it was not a costly mistake in a tighter game.

Shorrocks though is doing a decent job and perhaps offering enough to warrant him continuing as a hooker alternate to Sam Powell? He'll have bigger tests than this but I see no harm in continuing to try him out at the moment. I wouldn't get carried away with his 5 from 5 on goal kicking though, they were all easy ones!

Castleford and St Helens to follow will be far bigger tests than this but like I said, hopefully this is an attacking platform for us to build on. We shall see!

Team Sheets

- Wigan Position Wakefield 1
1 Sam Tomkins Full Back Max Jowitt 21
5 Dom Manfredi

Right Wing

Craig Hall 25
4 Dan Sarginson Centre Reece Lyne 14
20 Oliver Gildart Centre Joe Arundel 18
2 Josh Charnley Left Wing Judah Mazive 34
6 George Williams Stand Off Jacob Miller 6
7 Matty Smith Scrum Half Liam Finn 7
8 Dom Crosby Prop Nick Scruton 8
16 Sam Powell Hooker Scott Moore 9

Ben Flower

Prop David Fifita 35
14 John Bateman 2nd Row Jason Walton 31
25 Willie Isa 2nd Row Anthony Tupou 13

Sean O'Loughlin


Jordan Crowther

17 Lee Mossop Substitute Tinirau Arona 16
19 Taulima Tautai Substitute Michael Sio 20
24 Frank-Paul Nuuausala Substitute Andy Yates 28
28 Jake Shorrocks Substitute Frazer Morris 33
- Shaun Wane Coach Chris Chester -

Score Sheet

Wigan Warriors 60


Wakefield Wildcats 12

Tries (11):
George Williams 2
Sam Powell
Josh Charnley
Sam Tomkins 2
John Bateman
Oliver Gildart
Dom Manfredi
Dan Sarginson
Matty Smith


Tries (2):
Joe Arundel
Craig Hall

Matty Smith 3/5
Josh Charnley 0/1
Jake Shorrocks 5/5
--- Goals:
Liam Finn 2/2

Scoring and Incident Pattern

5th Minute Wigan 04 Wakefield 00

Try: George Williams

Wigan 06 Wakefield 00 Conversion: Matty Smith (1/1)
8th Minute Wigan 10 Wakefield 00

Try: Sam Powell

Wigan 10 Wakefield 00 Missed Conv: Matty Smith (1/2)
14th Minute Wigan 14 Wakefield 00

Try: Josh Charnley

Wigan 16 Wakefield 00 Conversion: Matty Smith (2/3)
27th Minute Wigan 20 Wakefield 00

Try: Sam Tomkins

Wigan 22 Wakefield 00 Conversion: Matty Smith (3/4)
31st Minute Wigan 22 Wakefield 04

Try: Joe Arundel

Wigan 22 Wakefield 06 Conversion: Liam Finn (1/1)
36th Minute Wigan 26 Wakefield 06

Try: John Bateman

Wigan 26 Wakefield 00 Missed Conv: Matty Smith (3/5)
38th Minute Wigan 30 Wakefield 06

Try: Oliver Gildart

Wigan 30 Wakefield 06 Missed Conv: Josh Charnley (0/1)
Half Time Wigan Warriors 30 Wakefield Wildcats 06
53rd Minute Wigan 34 Wakefield 06

Try: Dom Manfredi

Wigan 36 Wakefield 06 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (1/1)
55th Minute Wigan 40 Wakefield 06

Try: George Williams (2)

Wigan 42 Wakefield 06 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (2/2)
58th Minute Wigan 46 Wakefield 06

Try: Dan Sarginson

Wigan 48 Wakefield 06 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (3/3)
65th Minute Wigan 52 Wakefield 06

Try: Sam Tomkins (2)

Wigan 54 Wakefield 06 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (4/4)
68th Minute Wigan 54 Wakefield 10

Try: Craig Hall

Wigan 54 Wakefield 12 Conversion: Liam Finn (2/2)
72nd Minute Wigan 58 Wakefield 12

Try: Matty Smith

Wigan 60 Wakefield 12 Conversion: Jake Shorrocks (5/5)
Full Time Wigan Warriors 60 Wakefield Wildcats 12


Scott Mikalauskas (Super League Debut)

Penalties Conceded

Wigan 8 Wakefield 4

Match Attendance



Dry Night.