Match Report: Hull Kingston Rovers 18 Wigan 20
Posted by Bilko on June 11 2016 - 11:21
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Hull Kingston Rovers v Wigan Warriors - First Utility Super League 21 - Round 18
Friday 10th June 2016. Kick Off 8:00pm at Craven Park.

Match Report

Shaun Wane said afterwards that he was always confident we would "scrag" the win but personally with 15 minutes to go I can't say I shared that confidence.

Wigan had been awful for the majority of the second half but what turned the game was the return of Ben Flower and Dom Crosby from the moment it went to 18-8.

During the times those two were on the field (first 20-25 minutes and the last 15 minutes) this game was 20-0 in Wigan's favour. Without them it was 18-0 to Rovers. That say's it all I think. Wigan's interchange didn't really offer much in this game.

The weather played a huge part in the amount of mistakes shown by both sides but that and losing Dan Sarginson to injury in the warm up didn't stop Wigan getting off to a great start.

A good cut out pass from Sam Tomkins got Dom Manfredi in the corner but watching live their was plenty of controversy about it. It looked to me at the time that Dom was well short and in touch but looking back now on Wigan TV it looks a great call. The tackling Iain Thornley is underneath him so his feet never find touch and he plonks it down in the corner. Smith couldn't convert but with the driving horrible fine rain it was a tough night for kicking off the touchline.

That try was repeated on 13 minutes with Sam again cutting out Gelling to find Manfredi. This time a far simpler finish in the corner but Smith again couldn't convert so it was only 8-0.

Wigan had been reasonably composed during this start and I felt another score would be a better reflection of the territory but slowly the mistakes started to creep in and the interchanges of Crosby (20 minutes) and Flower (26 minutes) saw the tide turn.

Rovers got back into the game with a kick to the right being fumbled by Lewis Tierney and Albert Kelly pounced on the loose ball to score on the right side. Ken Sio converted for 8-6.

That score held for the final ten minutes of the first half and then the first ten minutes of the second half before a moment of incredulity gifted Rovers the lead.

Wigan are 25 metres out and Willie Isa is playing the ball and not Wigan player is in place to receive it. I called this unprofessional and disgraceful on commentary because this wasn't after a break, this was a standard play the ball with every Wigan player in an attacking line. It was a horrible error that Kelly pounced on and within seconds it was returned up the other end for a try to Thomas Minns under that Ken Sio converted for 12-8 to Rovers.

The game was now descending in a dreadful watch with tons of errors but it was Rovers who found another score on 63 minutes with Mitch Allgood being sent under the sticks for 18-8 after an easy conversion.

In these conditions a two score lead was huge and to be honest I just couldn't see a Wigan comeback happening but as well as Crosby and Flower returning, it was a great break sixty metre run from dummy half by Tierney that turned the tide. I'm not quite sure why he put the brakes on against Iain Thornley and didn't back himself but the damage had been done. From the play the ball, Wigan went right and Sam Tomkins found Gelling who beat poor tackling by Kieran Dixon to finish in the corner.

If you'd been listening on radio, I'd been suggesting we might take Gelling off because he was struggling with some kind of leg injury and this was affecting his game but he must have done well to get up field to be in place to finish that. Smith converting reduced the lead to 18-14.

Ten minutes still remained but it was with only three minutes to go that Wigan got the scores level. Dane Tilse was playing a huge part in this comeback with four errors I remember being a factor. Wigan got up on the line and it fell to Sam Tomkins to jink his way over. Albert Kelly's defence was awful here, weak to say the least but it made the score 18-18 and now Smith had a kick to win it from half way between the posts and touchline.

In this weather it wasn't easy but Smith kicked it to put Wigan 20-18 up and a miraculous escape was now 90 seconds away.

Wigan never seem to do well on short kick offs. They lost this one and Kelly looked like he had tons of space in front of him but referee Thaler found a knock on and Wigan were brilliantly slow in seeing out a full set and the remaining time.

Rovers might put to Terry Campese being taken off as being a factor to their late collapse but I thought he was pretty quiet in this game. Albert Kelly was offering more but he is a defensive liability and his attempt late on Tomkins was pitiful.

Reality is Rovers really shouldn't have lost from 18-8. The win masks the fact that the no one to receive play the ball contributed hugely to the momentum that saw us go ten points down and almost cost us this game.

We found a way to win though and that is a great trait of this Wigan side. Given the weather, this match was all about the result and it's a fair point to say that these conditions were not really expected after a hot and very dry week leading up to it. It extends our winning run to four games and we'll now move on to Widnes and see how we go on that night.

Team Sheets

- Hull KR Position Wigan 1
22 Matty Marsh Full Back Sam Tomkins 1
1 Ken Sio

Right Wing

Dom Manfredi 5
21 Thomas Minns Centre Anthony Gelling 3
4 Iain Thornley Centre Josh Charnley 2
5 Kieran Dixon Left Wing Lewis Tierney 22
32 Terry Campese Stand Off George Williams 6
7 Albert Kelly Scrum Half Matty Smith 7
8 Adam Walker Prop Dom Crosby 8
9 Shaun Lunt Hooker Sam Powell 16

Dane Tilse


Ben Flower

11 Maurice Blair 2nd Row Ryan Sutton 21
13 Chris Clarkson 2nd Row Willie Isa 25

James Greenwood


Joel Tomkins

10 Mitch Allgood Substitute Lee Mossop 17
16 James Green Substitute Taulima Tautai 19
19 John Boudebza Substitute Greg Burke 26
26 Robbie Mulhern Substitute Joe Bretherton 29
- James Webster Coach Shaun Wane -

Wigan 22. Lewis Tierney a late replacement for 4. Dan Sarginson injured in Warm Up.

Score Sheet

Salford Red Devils 20


Wigan Warriors 23

Tries (3):
Albert Kelly
Thomas Minns
Mitch Allgood


Tries (4):
Dom Manfredi 2
Anthony Gelling
Sam Tomkins

Ken Sio 3/3
--- Goals:
Matty Smith 2/4

Scoring and Incident Pattern

5th Minute Hull KR 00 Wigan 04

Try: Dom Manfredi

Hull KR 00 Wigan 04 Missed Conv: Matty Smith (0/1)
13th Minute Hull KR 00 Wigan 08

Try: Dom Manfredi (2)

Hull KR 00 Wigan 08 Missed Conv: Matty Smith (0/2)
28th Minute Hull KR 04 Wigan 08 Try: Albert Kelly
Hull KR 06 Wigan 08 Conversion: Ken Sio (1/1)
Half Time Hull Kingston Rovers 06 Wigan Warriors 08
51st Minute Hull KR 10 Wigan 08 Try: Thomas Minns
Hull KR 12 Wigan 08 Conversion: Ken Sio (2/2)
63rd Minute Hull KR 16 Wigan 08 Try: Mitch Allgood
Hull KR 18 Wigan 08 Conversion: Ken Sio (3/3)
68th Minute Hull KR 18 Wigan 12

Try: Anthony Gelling

Hull KR 18 Wigan 14 Conversion: Matty Smith (1/3)
77th Minute Hull KR 18 Wigan 18

Try: Sam Tomkins

Hull KR 18 Wigan 20 Conversion: Matty Smith (2/4)
Full Time Hull Kingston Rovers 18 Wigan Warriors 20


Ben Thaler

Penalties Conceded

Hull KR 7 Wigan 7

Match Attendance



Horrible - Fine Misty Rain